What are EU Medicinal Products?

MEDICOPHARM imports original branded medicinal products exclusively from pharmaceutical wholesalers headquartered in the member states of the European Union that conform to GDP guidelines and procedures.

We take advantage of existing price differentials so we can offer medicinal products at reduced prices.Medicinal products imported from EU nations are known as Euro medicinal products. The only distinctions are between re-imports and parallel imports.

Re-imports by the MEDICOPHARM AG

In the case of a re-import, branded products from multinational pharmaceutical firms are initially produced in Germany to be sold by their EU subsidiaries within the European Union. MEDICOPHARM re-imports these medicinal products and offers them at similarly reduced prices in Germany.

Parallel imports by the MEDICOPHARM AG

In the case of a parallel import, branded products are manufactured by multinational pharmaceutical companies in EU nations for sale by their subsidiaries in Germany. MEDICOPHARM imports these medicinal products in parallel within the European Union and offers them in Germany as imported medicinal products at reduced prices. All medicinal products are licensed in compliance with all pharmaceutical product laws.

The sector calculates the proportion of parallel imports at 90 percent. The remaining 10 percent of imported medicinal products are re-imported.

Parallel imports and re-imports have been explicitly authorized by the legislators. Only in this way is it possible to achieve lower prices, and thus cost savings for medicinal products.

The Euro Medicinal Products sold by the Medicopharm AG exclusively include brand-name products that are therapeutically identical to the German originals.